Steinberg Internal Mixing tutorijali na DVD-u

Ovo je fantastičan produkt Steinberga… Riječ je o 2 DVD-a sa video tutorijalima koji obrađuju teme oko miksinga itd..


Ovo preporučujem kao obavezno štivo za sve ljude koji se bave produkcijom, zaista pregršt korisnih informacija i tona znanja koje samo čeka da ga pokupimo 🙂

Sadržaj je sljedeći:


  • Basics for a good mix
  • Tips for delivering the mix master to the mastering studio
  • Technical prerequisites for a good sound
  • The systematic approach – clarity and a good workflow for the mix
  • Working with groups
  • Compressing groups to save CPU and increase sound power
  • EQing groups to save resources and create “space”
  • Handling groups: What do I control via groups, and what via tracks?
  • Workflow overview
  • Summary of panning rules
  • Preventing phase interference
  • The masking effect
  • EQ basic rules
  • Breakdown of the frequency bands and their principle zones
  • Mixing a tight bass range
  • Common basic parameters of compressors and their use


  • Exercises with compressors
  • Layering with reverb and delay
  • Native and DSP-aided reverb devices
  • Pre-delay as a design component
  • EQing in reverb return as a design component
  • Layering strategies
  • Pre-fader or post-fader?
  • How many reverb devices do you need? Planning depth design
  • Delay instead of reverb
  • Delay in reverb or reverb in delay
  • Additional aspect: Design and the use of Mute and Special FX
  • Automation
  • Processing single instruments
  • Off-line calculated convolution reverb to simulate ambience
  • Microphone tracks
  • Refining loops (doubling, gating, compressing, reverbing)
  • Exercise in editing loops
  • EQing and compressing vocals
  • Special aspects concerning choruses

Povrh svega toga layout dvd-a je pravo dobro urađen, sa navigacijom itd…

Sve ukupno teži oko 6Gb a koristimo ga sa dvd-a ili kopiranog na računar, po želji naravno…



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